To commit is to entrust. I is to give to someone’s charge. It is a pledge. To commit is to engage oneself irretrievably Each one has to find something worth committing themselves to. We all must have something that is larger than ourselves, or else our lives will only be routine of vanity. The mandate and assignment of your life is your true significant difference from everyone else. It is your trust identify. It is your mandate and assignment that you must commit yourself to. You can never be truly whole until you commit to give yourself to something larger than yourself, anything less than that is childish and has no lasting significance. Often the very thought of commitment scares people to their core because it places a demand of these three priceless commodities namely Time, Money and Self. These three you can’t give away so easily. I encourage you to find that one thing in your life that is worth losing or exchanging your Time, Money and Self for. Only then will your life transition from existing to LIVING. Till next week. Blessings to you Henry Mwale