The thoughts I have put together in this small book are not small. They are revolutionary to the transforming of human life and destinies. They were provoked in my heart by what I observe everyday in the lives of many people that interact with, especially Christians. I have attended countless prayer meetings and I have had the privilege of many people come to me for prayer for doors too open in their lives. Yes we have the power or the keys to open and to close doors in prayer for our Lord Jesus Christ said, "And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven". Matthew 16:19. (KJV) We have been given the keys to open and close. However, I want to emphasize in this book that not every closed door is locked. Some doors all they need is for each one of us to take a step and open them wide.


The putting together of this work has been a matter of urgency. Times have greatly changed. Life is moving at a very fast pace. In every sphere of life people are looking for the quickest way to get results. Unfortunately this has greatly affected the body of Christ as well. Churches and church leaders are under so much pressure that they are in a hurry to get their congregations full. As much as it is crucial that we move at a fast rate to bring people to Christ, we should also determine like never before that we go beyond getting church attendees and converts but disciples for the Lord Jesus who will influence this generation with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. What is most unfortunate is that we are producing people who do not understand what it is that they have believed in. There is generally a lot of empty excitement among church people that they cannot even thoroughly explain salvation to non believers.


It is very clear to me that no matter how poor we may be, this desire is in our make up and design from conception. Children from both rich and poor backgrounds crave success. There is this inherent desire for us to be successful. Failure was never part of our make up and design that is why we all can’t stand it. We detest failure. We desire more and better. We don’t want to be associated with it. It is unnatural for us humans to fail. Failure is not natural to humans: it is something we have had to work very hard to learn. Failure is not natural it is a skill. It is a learned ability. It is something that we have been indoctrinated with by society and even our very education systems. They say, “People don’t notice you until you have made it”. That is very true but my problem is the tone which it is said. It is as though there is something wrong to be noticed after you have made it. People will and should notice when you have made it and that is how you know you have made it.


In my line work, I interact with people at all times. My vocation is actually about God and His people. I have observed with awe as I see how people have to live their lives their lives and the impact that their lifestyles are having on them and their family lives. In many cases it would even seem as if work is a curse, not a blessing. I have wondered if what I see in people’s lives is the kind of life God intended for mankind. There is generally a deep sense of dissatisfaction among the working class with regard to the amount of money they make for their companies in relation to what they get at the end of the month. In ‘WHAT ABOUT ME?’, I am looking at what people go through in their lives as they pursue the kind of life that they want to live and then, with that, try to understand what God desires for His people.