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About Henry Mwale

I am an African native of Zambian decent. I am called to make a meaningful contribution to The emancipation of Africa’s social, political, economic and spiritual well-being through my writing and speaking works which find their expression via the media space, writing books and speaking engagements.

Mine is to sell a mindset. A new, productive, progressive and effective way of living. The team that helps me with this work particularly as an author and speaker is my lovely wife Thoriso Mwale who is doing a phenomenal work of co-ordinating and scheduling. 

Thoriso Mwale 

Thoriso Mwale is a qualified NLP life Coach and creativity coach. She is an author, a member of COMENSA and CEO of LifebyCTM. Her expertise include, Self development coaching/ Self Mastery Training/ Facilitating/ Corporate Training and Transformational Talks. 

She is a wife, a mother, a tv & radio personality.

Thoriso Mwale is responsible for co-ordinating and scheduling speaking engagements and any type of Engagement be it Book Review sessions, Motivational Speaking Engagements, Preaching and Counselling work for Henry Mwale.