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The Written Construct

Jan 17, 2022 Writer's Corner

“Desire is a deep longing. It is a craving, a deep yearning. It’s a dream that keeps lingering and stays on. It’s a burning need that can not be easily extinguished. It’s a passion stronger than death”

3 thoughts on “The Written Construct”
  1. I love the fact that “It’s a passion stronger than death”… Which means it will not give you rest until you accomplish it. It’s what transforms into discipline when motivation looses momentum.

  2. The most important part about planning when you lack DESIRE, philosophy  motivation of plan B compromise your DESIRE to achieve what you planned. Once your desire is activated you see solutions where people see questions. Get the book and see endless solutions for people of DESIRE.

  3. well said, ” a dream that keeps lingering and stays long…” one cannot relax, sleep and get bored when desire has been ignited in you.

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