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This Book will show you the Power of Desire. The desire in your life is of critical importance in order for you to achieve not your wishes but your dreams. As you go through these pages you will find the juice and fuel that you need to make your dream a living, practical reality. May I say here that, almost everyone on this planet has a dream as long as they are alive but the difference between those who accomplish their dreams and those who die without accomplishing them is DESIRE, Yes DESIRE not money.

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As I start off with the preface of this book, the words of Napoleon Hill reverberate in my mind when he stated, “the starting point of all achievement is desire”. I concur with this potent statement completely because there is nothing worthwhile that you can ever accomplish in your life without DESIRE.You will not get started on your way to destiny, success and fulfilment without this basic yet fundamental aspect in your life’s pursuits, called DESIRE.
More often than not, it is desire that people lack in their life’s endeavors. There is a notion out there that suggests that people need money in order to move their lives up. In this book I will show you unequivocally that contrary to popular belief, what you really need in order to get the wheels of your idea, business and life turning is not money but DESIRE. I will be showing you not only that you need desire but how to develop this essential aspect of your life and how to turn it into real tangible income and beyond income, intergenerational WEALTH.This

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