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Part Two

Part Two


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In this book, PART TWO , Henry endeavors to decipher the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Intelligence (NI) and Spiritual Intelligence which he argues as being the highest form of intelligence.

Spiritual Intelligence is the next and final stage in human Development and Civilization. We are currently in an era where we are witnessing the collapse of the failed systems of man. When all is said and done, and human efforts start to fail, there shall be a renewed hunger and deep longing for a higher form of knowledge and it will be SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. This knowledge transcends all forms of knowledge and intelligence. This is the knowledge that is the cause of all things, seen and unseen. What is currently playing out on the global scale is, but just the beginning of the unfolding of the greatest quest that humanity has ever embarked upon. The search for superior knowledge.

The flawed nature of mankind and the inherent failure to satisfy the deepest longing for meaning is what will inevitably and ultimately lead to the desire to find the true meaning to meaning. This is the book for the seekers of truth in these challenging times. It is an eye-opener for many that have been blinded by the matrix. It is intended to liberate the reader from the ordinary, usual and artificial so that you can reach out and connect with your true essence. As you go through these pages, you will start to see the folly of mankind and in turn you will see the preeminence of God the creator of all things.

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